Pictures Menu

Spaghetti Carbonara

€ 13.00

Bacon, Eggs, Black Pepper and Parmesan or Pecorino cheese

Mix Grilled Fish

€ 24.00

Sea Bream slice, Squids, Prawns and Scampi.

Culurgiones ( Sardinian Ravioli )

Culurgiones Ogliastrini

€ 14.00

stuffed pasta (Sardinian Raviolo) filled with potatoes, pecorino and mint.

Prosciutto Melone Bufalo

Ham and Melon

€ 13.00

Cured Ham (Prosciutto di Parma) and Melon.

Insalata Mista

Mix Salad

€ 7.00

Lettuce leaf, radish, rucola tomato, olive and carrot.

Filetto Griglia

Fillet Steak

€ 22.00

Fresh fillet steak grilled with salt and olive oil.

Mixed Cured Meats and Sardinian Cheeses - Su Talleri

Sardinian Platter

€ 18.00

Mix platter of Sardinian cold cuts and cheeses with music papper. 


Spritz Aperol

€ 8.00

A Spritz is an Italian wine-based cocktail, usually  served as an aperitif in Italy. It consists of prosecco, soda water and digestive bitters. Campari  Spritz and Spritz Aperol are popular cocktails of the Italy, each one with different bitters.


Roman Pizza

€ 13.00

Sardinian Bresaola, Rocket salad (rucola) and parmigiano cheese.